TIM'S STORY - Montana Man Reunites with His Birthmother from California 

"My name is Tim, and I was adopted as an infant in California, in 1967. I later moved with my adoptive family to Montana. I always knew I was adopted and was curious about my birth relatives. I also have a wife and three children who were interested in my origins. Despite this, I had never taken the plunge to look for anyone.

One fateful day, I was contacted by a woman, Wendy, who told me she was my birth half sister, and that we shared the same first father with the surname of Danley. She had located me in the CA Birth Index and had contacted ALMA in hopes that they could help her match my birth name with my adoptive name. They told her they could help her, and they gave her my contact information. After our initial contact, my birth half sister and I took a sibling DNA test that showed the probability of our being half siblings, with the same father, at 99.97%. I had truly been found by my half sister. We then began a wonderful friendship that has developed into great conversations and visits.

I did not expect my first father to have interest in hearing from me, and, as it turned out, he was not interested. It was not unexpected since he had mostly been out of my half sister’s life since she was two years old. Despite this lack of interest, I felt it was very likely my first mother would be interested in hearing from me. This was because of the information that my half sister knew and information that was provided to me by my adoptive parents when they adopted me. This was that my first father was a man in his twenties during the pregnancy and birth, but my first mother had been a young teenager with limited resources to take care of a baby.

All I knew to begin looking for my first mother was that the CA Birth Index listed her maiden name, I joined ALMA for research tips and support and enlisted the aid of my half-sister who had found me. I also applied for my non-identifying information with the state of CA. I knew this might provide additional clues to help me search for my first mother. Not long afterwards, my half sister informed me that my first mother had been found, and I was able to finally speak with her on the telephone. She was living in CA and was very excited and thrilled to hear from me. It has been wonderful getting to know her and having her spend time with my family and me.

I hope that all people searching know that it is never too late to search or become involved in a reunion. I am in my 40’s, and it has been awesome! I particularly enjoyed traveling to my half sister and first mother’s ancestral hometown in Georgia. My first mother was visiting relatives there when she met my first father. It was also the place where both sides of my birth relatives had lived for generations.

I cannot thank ALMA enough for their participation in my reunion with my birth relatives. I encourage anyone to join and enlist their expertise in their search.

Thank you, again, ALMA!"