Founded in 1971, ALMA's mutual-consent Reunion Registry was the first of its kind.  Our registry continues to grow and we maintain the oldest, largest, most comprehensive and successful registry on earth! 

There is one-time registration fee of only $35.00 which is non-refundable and IRS tax-deductible and it entitles new members to permanent registration with no renewal required. You will have a lifelong membership with us. 

We encourage all members to UPDATE their information with us if it changes, such as personal contact information (address, telephone, email) and if you have found your family! 

Register with ALMA, in just two easy steps!   

1) Please make membership payment of $35.00, via PayPal, by clicking on the payment button below.  Your membership will become active in our Reunion Registry after your payment and registration form is received.


2) Download the Registration Form, complete the form to the best of your ability, and email it to us:  Note:  After you complete the form, SAVE your changes and be sure to ATTACH it to your email.  Alternatively, you may complete the form, print it and fax it to us at:  973-586-1358.


Be sure to keep your contact info current with us!  We must be able to reach you if a match is made in our Reunion Registry.  Also, when/if you find the family member(s) with whom you had hoped to be reunited/united, please inform us so we can mark your case as matched, reunited or found.

  • Existing members, please download the form, select "An Update" at the top of the form, complete the form (as if it were a first time registration and NOT just the new inforrmation) and email it to us:  Be sure to SAVE your changes and ATTACH it to your email.  The info you submit will completely replace the info we had so you must fill out the whole form, to the best of your ability.  There is NO FEE to update your information with us.

  • Individuals claiming former ALMA membership should follow the step above.  Once received, we will check for former membership and contact you regarding reactivating your membership.