LINDA'S STORY - A Birthmother’s Story of the Search and Reunion with Her Daughter  

"As an Alma member and birthmother, I am thrilled to be able to share with others about our adoption connection. Aware that not all end positively, we would like to share with you our happy ending in our search as well as our new beginning together.

After giving up my baby girl for adoption back in 1967, I was determined to get my information to an agency so that when my daughter reached the age of 18, she would have the option to local her birth mother. I found ALMA and signed up, but after the years passed by with no response, I was left with much concern and worry. Of course, this was all back pre-computer, social media, and tight adoption information regulations.

Finally, just before Christmas of 2012, I received a call from ALMA asking if I was still interested in locating my daughter. Of course I was, and miraculously Alma called back a day later saying they found a match. My daughter was also notified about this, and we were given information on each other. As I stared at the phone trying to muster the courage and the voice behind the lump in my throat to call her, the phone rang — and I knew it was her!

It was one of the most amazing moments of my life, we cried, laughed, and talked for what seemed like hours. I didn’t want to hang up. Interestingly enough, she also signed up with ALMA and was trying to locate me as well. I was so grateful that she understood my situation back when she was born and held no blame but instead embraced this connection and desired to move forward. We were both anxious to meet and did so the next weekend along with our husbands. It was much more than I could have imagined; so comfortable and seamless. We shared albums, stories, memories, and she assured me that she had a wonderful childhood with her adoptive family.

We met again recently to celebrate her birthday together again, finally. I am also now blessed to have two more adorable grandchildren and a terrific and understanding son-in-law! Besides looking alike, she and I have numerous similarities and coincidences, which have been astounding and enjoyable to share.

That we are grateful to ALMA would be an understatement. Thank you, ALMA, and all those who worked long hours matching our information and reuniting us, giving us answers, and now the ability of having a future together."