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Who may register with ALMA?

Adult adoptees over 18 years of age. Birthparents. Foster children over 18 years of age. Adoptive parents of a minor child under 18 years of age. (Some adoptive parents are now searching for the birth parent(s) of their minor children. As the legal guardian of a minor child, the adoptive parent has an absolute right to make this decision and we support it. They understand that their child’s need to know his/her roots is not a negotiation of his/her love for them but an affirmation of himself as a human being. We welcome them most warmly.) Birth siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents. No third party or intermediary applications will be accepted.

How does ALMA match people?

ALMA's Reunion Registry contains the vital statistics of adoptees, birthparents and all persons separated by adoption for possible matching. In most cases adoptees do not know their original names and birthparents do not know the adoptive names of the children they surrendered for adoption.

The facts that we do know are: Gender of the child; Date of Birth; Place of Birth.

For example, if a mother who gave up a son born May 20, 1930 in St. Luke’s Hospital, New York and an adopted male with matching information both register with us, we have a potential match. We then review other registration information to ensure a definite match and put them in touch without delay.

What happens after I register with ALMA?

Membership registration is received and we check our registry for possible matches. New members receive a welcome letter, ALMA's nationwide chapter list, and a list of helpful resources, including important information for adoptees concerning access to their own original birth certificates (OBCs), in the states in which they were born and/or adopted.

When matches are made via our reunion registry, each party is contacted and put in touch without delay.

How do I update my information with ALMA?

You may update your information in the ALMA Registry whenever you have new facts for us (such as your contact information); there is no charge to update your information. Also, when you find, please update your registration, so we can mark it as "matched/reunited." Be sure to include an e-mail address on the form, as that is the way we will contact you to let you know your information was received and updated. Providing information to you in writing is preferable to providing it over the telephone. To update your information, ALMA members should complete either the online or US Mail Registration Form, mark it "UPDATE" and submit electronically, via ​ fax (973) 586-1358, or US Mail. Once received, we will update your information in our registry.
Individuals claiming former ALMA membership should follow the step above. Once received, we will check for former membership and contact you regarding reactivating your membership.

How does my donation help ALMA?

We are a nonprofit organization, completely staffed by unpaid volunteers, and we do not receive any state or federal funding.

Your donations help us cover our operating expenses, which include utilities, accounting (state and federal tax filing) and legal services (to ensure corporation compliance as a nonprofit organization), telephone/fax/computer hardware and software, website hosting and domain registration fees, computer programming and repairs, printing and printing supplies, stationery, postage, monthly service provider fees, etc. Our only source of income is through the ongoing registration fees and donations from members and friends.
Many ALMA members have been reunited because of the financial support of our members and others.

Your continuing support will enable us to continue to maintain our Reunion Registry and continue into our 50th year (and beyond!) offering search guidance and support services to the adoption community and achieving our Mission of reuniting families of origin.

Please make a donation today! No donation is too small and every dollar helps! Thank you for your support!!