The ALMA Society, the original pioneer nonprofit organization fighting for the rights of adoptees everywhere, was founded by adoptee Florence Anna Fisher in 1971 and we’ve been going strong ever since!  


For the past fifty years, our mission is reuniting adoptees and members of their families of origin via our mutual-consent Reunion Registry.  


We continue to grow and ALMA maintains the first, oldest, largest, most comprehensive and successful registry on earth! 


When Membership Registration Forms are received, we immediately check our Reunion Registry for possible matches.

New members receive a welcome letter, ALMA's nationwide chapter list, and a list of helpful resources, including important information for adoptees concerning access to their own original birth certificates (OBCs), in the states in which they were born and/or adopted.

When matches are made via our Reunion Registry, each party is contacted and put in touch without delay.


  • We do not perform searches, however we guide and assist our members in their search process. 

  • ALMA Members are responsible for information provided.

  • Local chapters, the nationwide Search Assistant Network and the ALMA Research Library are all staffed by volunteers willing to help you.

  • The one-time registration fee of $69.99 grants you lifetime membership registration with ALMA, which includes guidance and assistance through search and reunion processes.

  • Member registration fees and donations are IRS tax-deductible.

  • ALMA grants 50% discounted membership to any active member of the Armed Forces. Membership fee will be $34.99 after proof of active service is submitted.


ALMA is a nonprofit organization and continues to be funded entirely by tax-deductible registration fees and donations. 

Your donations are greatly appreciated and are the reason ALMA has been able to reunite families these past fifty years. 

Thank you for your continued support!