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Celebrating 44 Years of Adoption Reunion and Reform, 1971 – 2015

Notice to all members:
Updates can be faxed directly to the registrar at 973-586-1358.

Chapter assistants are available for all of our members.  If you are an ALMA member and need an updated chapter list, please click the contact button.

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If an Alma member, update TODAY! If not a member, please join and let us use our resources to help you! 

Download the membership application, complete it, and send it into us at the Denville PO Box, and we’ll get you updated and back into “search mode.”

If you are an Alma member, and haven’t updated your information with us, please do so!  It might result in a match!  Contact us through this web site, and we’ll instruct you how to update. 

contacting us, please be sure to put your date and place of birth in the
Comments Field – and add “Update Request!”.  No additional fees for


The denial of an adult human being’s right to the truth of his origin creates a scar which is embedded in his soul forever. Alma, the Spanish word for “soul”, has a very special meaning to all adoptees, for they have been hurt in the same way.

ALMA, the pioneer organization in fighting for the rights of adoptees everywhere, is the oldest, most comprehensive and successful registry of its kind. We are in our 40th year!

Read about our success stories.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us here, or write a letter to:

The ALMA Society, P.O. Box 85, Denville, NJ 07834

The ALMA Society is a NON-PROFIT, tax-exempt corporation funded entirely by registration fees and donations which are tax-deductible.

ALMA does not do the search for our members. We will assist with your search through our chapters and search assistants.  We do not act as an intermediary in contacting birth relatives, etc.

Why does ALMA charge a registration fee
?  Like any other organization, ALMA has expenses that must be covered.  Our only source of funds are tax deductible registration fees and donations. We do not receive any state or federal funding or foundation grants.  Your registration fee covers such items as:
telephone/fax/computer hardware and software/printing supplies, postage, office supplies, Internet and web hosting fees, and other expenses such as utilities, purchase of yearly access to databases, etc.  None of our volunteers are paid, strictly volunteer, but we HAVE to cover our expenses for operating our
organization.  Thank you for your consideration when joining ALMA.


New members are advised to download the membership
application form and submit it to us with check cashiers’ check, or money order. We also now accept payment through PayPal
for the $50.00 life-time registration fee. If you contact us through our
CONTACT FORM, your e-mail will be answered as quickly as possible. Anyone submitting new membership forms will be entered into the database, and if there is a match, you will be notified immediately. If we do not have a match for you, we will assist you in your search until you do find.  Thanks for your patience. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING I.E.,   MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORMS, OR ATTACHMENTS CERTIFIED MAIL, OVER-SIZED PACKET, OR ANY METHOD THAT REQUIRES A SIGNATURE.  It will not be accepted and returned to you.  Also, it must fit into a Post Office Box. Suggestion:  So there is no delay in processing your membership application, we encourage you to use a postal money order or a cashiers’ check.


Click on the below “Add to Cart” button to pay for your lifetime membership via PayPal.


Non-Profit Organizations like ALMA can only achieve our goals with the assistance of generous donations from members of our world-wide community. Without these donations, serving adoptees and birth families would not be possible. Since our organization relies on the generosity of individuals like you, we consider any donation to our cause very special. We hope that you will help support our efforts. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


In contacting us on our website via our contact form, please put the date of birth (if adoptee) and place of birth in the comments field.  If birth parent is writing, please put the date of birth and place of birth of the adoptee in the comments field.

Thank you.

Special request for current members updating:  Please make sure you membership application update is in black ink, or a typeface that is easy to read, via fax. You can also scan it and email it to us – all updates must contain a signature. Thanks!  We encourage all of our older members who have not updated with us on a regular basis to let us know the status of your case and what you have done thus far.  Example:  Member Birth Mother joined Alma back in 1971 when it first started, never contacted us again, and we found a match for her today, and it took several days for us to locate her.  Keep updated with us!  Remember, all members have life-time memberships!


Marie Anderson,
Coordinator & Jeanie Jackson, Registrar

The Alma Society
PO Box 85, Denville

NJ 07834

Adoptees' Liberty Movement Association